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Juby’s TVD Blog Recs » 2. alwaysanoriginal | Charlotte

My best friend Karni actually told me to check Charlotte’s blog out one day, and I did when I got home—mostly because I liked the URL and had it stuck in my head lol. I was in for a pleasant surprise. Her blog is one that actually exudes personality—the background (which I’ve only managed to get a snippet of), the about me, the posts (as you can probably tell from that one about RDJ lol), and basically everything on that page. If you want a good laugh, she’s freaking hilarious during TVD with her liveblogs. She may ship Klaroline (and I may not), but I can forgive her for it because she’s also an A:TLA fan, haha. :) In short, this is a quality blog you won’t regret following.